Bonjour, i’m Quentin Merabet — a French developer & designer with 12+ years of experience creating. I love to build elegant yet disruptive products making an impact.

Montréal + Paris

I'm highly curious, and I love exploring the world of art in all its forms. When I'm not coding, you might catch me on set directing commercials or music videos.
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Lead Developer (web3)

Code GreenJun 2022Now

Founder + Developer (web3)

Peuple.appAug 20212022

Developer + Designer + Director


Instructor Code + Design

Tremplin Numérique, Paris20142016


Permis de Vivre La Ville, Paris20132015

Webdesigner (work-study program)

Touscoprod, Paris20102012


  • React, Next.js, Node.js fanboy.
  • Three.js, Framer Motion, Spring enthusiast.
  • Solidity, Wagmi, ethers.js, web3js, connectkit lover.
  • MongoDB, GraphQL, Parse Server, Decentralized databases nerd.
  • Figma, Adobe Suite, C4D & AI's API player.


  • Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Engineering (promotion valedictorian), EMC Paris.
    2010 - 2013
  • Baccalaureate in Electronics Engineering (visual arts option), High School.
  • I wasn’t the coolest kid in town — I learnt to code in 2006 during my highschool years.
  • French + English


The Zerøs


A 3D experiment in generative art - using terrain generation, physics, and live sound.

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Carbon Calculator

Code Green + World Of Women

A tool calculating the amount of kgCO2 emitted by any Ethereum wallet or contract address. Using the Carbon Calculator, World Of Women was able to offset their entire historical carbon footprint.

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Code Green + United Nations

Introduced to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, proof-of-concept of a dynamic NFT taking the form of a passport storing on-chain proof of donations, attending to events or mobile app achievements. Experimented with generative art to make every passport unique.

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The Vampires Club

Code Green

A Code Green’s NFT collection including 3D interactions and games (threejs) with an offchain point system.




A Solidity smart contract following ERC-1155 standard that raises the value of NFTs with every mint, which naturally restricts the supply of open edition.



Code Green + World Of Women

Internal tool used to take snapshots of multiple projects at once, checking for doubles, and then make an airdrop to the communities.




API generating PNG pixel art from an array of pixel coordinates.


Social Staking

A Solidity staking contract with social points boosting the APY.

BscScan (Binance Smart Chain)

Heal Labs

Heal Labs

A minimalist puzzle-like website introducing the Code Green's innovation branch to partners.